Why SME’S should trust in Cloud Computing?

The first thing you learn when you get into the Social Media’s Universe is that it provides both great companies and little ones the same advantages. I would dare say that little ones get bigger profits from it.

The times when only the biggest ones survived are gone. Nowadays size doesn’t matter or at least not as much as before. Creativity, freshness and innovation are much more important than the position of the company in the Fortune’s ranking. Nowadays the law of the supply and demand have turned to a broad market niche.

Tailored suits and mindsets based on meeting customers’ needs prevail. Cloud computing appears to make easier our issues and business.

"Nubes" por Julio Aedo

“Nubes” por Julio Aedo

According to Mercedes Serrano, HP Cloud Manager for Spain and Portugal, in EFE Press Agency “more than half of the Spanish companies are already using cloud technology but they ignore the internal management changes needed to face it” (Source)

So…. which are the advantages of cloud hosting?

  • Inmediacy: Now I want to have my data available “right now, wherever I am”. And this need is completely covered by cloud computing. The importance of information in real time and anywhere turns cloud hosting into a worship related message.
  • Costs optimization: Savings come from  IT incomes, resolution of technical problems, hardware and energy costs.
  • 24/7/365 service: The service provided doesn’t rest, doesn’t sleep and has no holidays at all. It works for 24 hours per day, 7 days per week and 365 days per year, giving a 100% coverage. The company contracts services based on its real needs and the payment is according to the service itself.
  • Mobility: Companies hire cloud computing services independently of where they are established and the usage of the service is located wherever they are.
  • Security based on back-up: Loosing information at the cloud is almost impossible. Cloud services providers offer exact copies of the server and face immediately any problem related with.
  • Real time collaboration: Immediacy moves not only from the company to the client but also among the employees. They can share corporative information when and where they want. Just-in-time is again the focus.
  • Simplicity: One of the most important property of the cloud is to be based on simplicity, promptness and easiness in the use. Hardware and software installations are not required to start working. The Internet connection is the one and only requirement.
  • Automatic updates: Cloud providers take charge of the updates needed to operate. Besides, clients are not concerned about server’s maintenance.
  • Services integrated: Cloud hosting is based on the integration of services. Thanks to this systems, companies have on their hands all they need without leaving the cloud. It is not necessary to leave one to go to another because all of them are gathered in one service. This means savings on time in the management and data processing which are translated in savings on the company´s expenditures.
  • Competitivity: As I have said before, cloud storage gives the same level of importance to all type companies. The use of cutting-edge technology helps optimizing jobs and answering in a more effective and competitive way to future requests. The rules of the game have changed and now almost all companies play in the premier league.



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