Sports + Big data + Cloud storage:

How far do the tentacles of the large octopus called cloud storage reach? There is no doubt that it reaches much farther than we imagine. Today I will focus on one of those tentacles of “octopuscloud” and how it relates to sports through Big data.

First of all, I would like to clarify how big data influences today in sports. According to Digitalade half of the 30 NBA teams use a relatively new service called SportVU that collects more than one million data every 48 minutes. It consists on installing cameras through algorithms that collect data which is then monitored to compile statistics for each player. These types of cameras are also used in the UEFA Champions League to gather information which is used later, for example, in the design of strategies for each game coaches. If you still do not see it clear, I attach an article from Running Hacks on Red Bull Project that includes two explanatory videos.

"Football On Green Grass" by tungphoto

“Football On Green Grass” by tungphoto

Okay, now we can see clearly that sports and big data go hand in hand, but how it connects with the cloud? To answer this question I will lean on another question: what, in fact, who are the main variables in the equation cloud – sports – big data? I can think of four answers:

  Teams, associations and clubs:

Their goal is to cause engagement on the followers through the analysis of the statistics that, in fact, reflect what the public wants. Through the cloud, any historical and current data can be viewed in real time, allowing community interaction that ends up being a brand natural reinforcement. If there are two worlds that are clearly interested in managing customers into passionate brand fans they are the industries of entertainment and sports. I enclose an example bellow, illustrating this with the article of Solomarketing where they speak about how the two major Spanish football teams, Real Madrid and FC Barcelona, have obtained the highest scores in the ranking value of participation by their followers in social video campaigns online, ahead of large global teams from other sports like Formula 1, NBA or NFL.

Cloud storage provides the connection in real time of fans to coaches, allowing them to learn about their strategies, about what each player means technically and about what each blow is or how it should be. According to Brian Kopp, vice president of strategy and development of Stats “Essentially, we’re adding the context around the play”.

– Coaches:

In this case, they analyze all the data in order to get the higher efficiency of each player on every play. They use maximum physical and technical achievement for the development of different game tactics.It also serves to schedule and synchronize training, meetings and schedules quickly and online, as well as to report the cancellation, change in location or schedule a workout.

  The athletes:

For them is a question of enhancing their brands and their techniques, sharing videos among them or among coaches, distributing the videos themselves in a much more arranged way and even submitting abstracts templates with daily workouts. Vimeo and Youtube already provide platforms for these purposes.

  Fans and followers:

They enable the option to get statistics and updates that they can share with other fans. It is a way to empower them by making them feel part of the team or community of each athlete. They provide the media to interact with what they love.

Well, at first, everything seems to be positive but with so much data and technology… is it sport becoming dehumanized? Some people think that many athletes had already sold part of his soul and his spirit of sportsmanship by the hard-nosed business. And, the truth is that if we take a look at the figures obtained just through advertising brands it is hard to believe that they have not entirely lost it. Is this really so or the algorithms are certainly justified because many more data and further analysis means the show? Is this real sport or just entertainment? I leave you the reflection…. opinions are accepted.



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