Cloud Computing and Tourism…Tourism 3.0

Summer is over and what does this means for us?

Besides long days resting, dreamy photographs of sunrises, the handyman brother struggling with BBQ or charming amazing places discovered after three hours of trekking, summer leaves us an upward trend that strikes us unstoppable called tourism in the cloud or tourism 3.0.

Tourism 3.0 is not just a question of choosing the hotel review updates that experienced customers give us using the new technologies. It is not just that thanks to certain establishments and geolocation systems tourists can find what they are looking for just by typing on their mobile device wherever they are. Smart tourism is a new vision of tourism that opens niches for companies providing new market opportunities. And new market opportunities means a wide range of possibilities to find new customer targets, new market niches (sometimes micro-niches). It also means expanding the supply of media to reach more customers and to reduce the obstacles that were until now. Remove barriers expanding the supply curve extending long tail, this is the key.

"Chairs, Umbrella, Sand And Sea" by samarttiw

“Chairs, Umbrella, Sand And Sea” by samarttiw

Stop walking separately from travel agencies, hotels and others. They must be an orchestra in which agencies, hotels, customers and government heads (among others) should be synchronized and playing in unison the same melody called superior quality tourism. That will result a benefit not only for companies but even for the country’s tourism image abroad.

A year ago the WTO (World Tourism Organization), which is the United Nations agency for the promotion of responsible, sustainable and universally accessible tourism, noticed the importance of tourism in the cloud and signed an agreement with Microsoft. On the following article you can find out the connection between tourism and cloud computing.

Another example is the increasinglynumber of cities that are targeted as trend “smart” cities and that they are concerned in being smart and connected in order to maintain the podium in marathon 3.0. But about the “smart” cities and its relationship with the cloud storage we shall talk in another moment, today we are focused on tourism in the cloud.

And to keep glimpsing the extent that this issue can be, let’s put another example. We believe that the potential of the technologies is unlimited for tourism in general. Well, now let’s think about particular cases and take one example. Let’s think about Accessible Tourism in the cloud. The article attached is written in Spanish but because of its value we have decided to enclose it. Accessible Tourism for customers representing a market niche invaluable, those who are willing to pay more to save barriers and who generally do not travel alone.

For further information about the possibilities of this type of tourism we recommend you visit this link from Spain info.

In short, besides being an aid to make a better decision, offering new products and services, improving relations with customers and being the catalyst for getting a faster and cheaper data process, tourism brings other advantages. Cloud tourism represents a new approach to employment that is developed under multidisciplinary teams. The new tourist destinations are real smart collaborative networks of organizations connected by information flows.

And back to the “start” of this great game called what is the cloud? the answer to the question is: “The cloud is, among other things, an influent sharing information point and in information rests the power. So, this is about sharing information for everybody’s benefit. ”

Just one sec, I am listening to an important call…

Ding ding dong…Your attention please…last call for flight passengers to the cloud 3.0 that is ready to exit. Please go right now to the gate if you do not want to stay on land.




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