BYOC: Bring Your Own Cloud

Security is the main problem related to BYOD. BYOC or “Bring Your Own Cloud” is the main solution to solve this problem.

"Cloud Computing Diagram" by scottchan

“Cloud Computing Diagram” by scottchan

In our newest article we focus on those considered as the most important niches of BYOC: companies and schools.

To allow BYOD in companies is really risky because of the no technical control in security given by employees that uses their personal devices. And this risk is directly proportional not only to the number of employees involved in the process but also to the degree of expertise of each one of them. To this “technical” insecurity we have to add the possibility of personal devices getting lost or theft.

And here is where cloud storage turns useful, because if employees use their devices to connect to corporative cloud systems, the risk of insecurity becomes reduced or null since these storage systems and data processing are outsourced from personal devices to the cloud, ensuring that corporate documents are safe.

Let’s take a look now to the other players in this film: Schools and universities.

Just now that we are coming back to school from holidays there are so many families that would appreciate savings in students’ expenses. Expenses, in some cases, that are suffocating them and more in these times of crisis. Nevertheless, the investment for each child device will be quickly paid. To be linked to cloud systems means that each student has available and updated school materials. We propose you reading the article from Europa Press dated on 2nd of September

We are aware that the publishers of school supplies will not match at all with our standpoint but we shall compensate it with the support we shall bet, for sure, from the ‘green’ organizations. Because the well known benefits of storage in the cloud (online connectivity, mobility and cost savings) join in this case other advantages such as:

  • Promoting the creation of learning communities, which, in our opinion, represent and will involve the standard for the future education online.

  • Energy savings in paper and school supplies.

  • The “relief” to the students of having to carry daily with a huge load of books.

Finally, here you are a video by Professor Gary Abud Groisse of North Point High School for REMC Connected Educator Series. It is entitled BYOD and, in it, the benefits of BYOD and storage systems like Google Cloud Drive and Dropbox are clearly explained. Remember that they are two of Qloudial platform products.

What do you think? Do you dare to bet on the BYOC? There is no reason for you not being the next.




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